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Capital market law,
investor damages cases

The capital market is the blood in the veins of the market economy. However, the capital markets are complex and volatile. And where high volumes are traded, there is an increased risk for significant losses. Therefore, highly-specialized professional advice and representation in case of losses is paramount..

We represent aggrieved clients, both private individuals and professional as well as institutional investors, in civil and criminal proceedings relating to capital market law issues:

  • breaches of duty in investment advice and asset management
  • losses with unit-linked life insurance policies
  • products of the grey capital market, private equity investments, alternative investments
  • prospectus liability
  • share price and market manipulation
  • damages due to and recovery of kickbacks (retrocessions)
  • ponzy schemes, financial investment fraud.

Competition law, consumer protection

The free market economy is a cornerstone of a liberal society. In free competition, there are a multitude of legitimate ways to promote one's own market position. The dark side of the market economy is unfair or anti-competitive business practices. Companies that engage in such business practices do not make profits through special achievements in fair competition, but through unlawful conduct. Such business practices endanger free competition, hinder innovation, disadvantage lawfully-behaving competitors and customers (companies as well as consumers). We represent injured entrepreneurs and consumers as well as their interest groups in cases of anti-competitive business practices and consumer protection, in particular in the following cases:
  • misleading, deceptive and/or aggressive business practices
  • abusive, grossly disadvantageous and/or intransparent general terms and conditions
  • pyramid and snowball schemes
  • hard core cartels such as price fixing agreements, exploitation of dominant market positions and other market manipulations